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Custom Fishing Rods

Each rod begins with a purchased blank. They can range from $50 to $1000. The guides, reel seat, and other hardware can be selected from many styles and materials. The materials you choose will ultimately determine the price of the rod. Jan puts his creative efforts in the custom cork handle, the reel seat insert, and art weaving. Each rod comes with a protective fabric sleeve and a simple plastic tube primarily for shipping. If you desire a more substantial storage tube it can be arranged.

Spinning and Casting Rods:

St. Croix                         $350

RODgeeks​                     $175-200

Fly Rods:
  • Pro series 2              $250-300

  • BVK                          $375-450

  • TICRX                       $375-400

St. Croix                          $500

​Options include:

  • 2 piece or 4 piece

  • Available in any weight

  • ​Customized reel seats and cork work. 

  • Custom Weaving: Additional $100-200

  • Double or single foot snake guides available in chrome, black, gun metal, or titanium.

  • Choice of thread wrap color and design.

  • Custom thread weaving available

  • Handmade rod sock and shipping tube

  • Each rod named after your interests or journeys. Example: Wind River, Cutthroat, Pink Paradise, Castle Peak, She Devil, Grand Teton.​

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