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"Badass knives made by a badass guy! If you don't have one, get one!"

-Tyson Bauer

This fall I carried my Broad Canyon Customs knife with me on my remote bighorn sheep hunt in the Idaho wilderness. I love how this knife feels in my hand. It is perfectly balanced and is incredibly sharp. It made quick work of skinning and field processing a mature ram. Once home, I was impressed how well the knife made precise cuts and trimmings while retaining a sharp edge. Also noteworthy is how snugly the knife slips into a custom leather sheath and stays secure. As a lifelong hunter I have handled many knives and none have instilled the same confidence that this one has! 

-James Peterson 

"Just wanted to let you know that your knife just saved my life. I was attacked by a grizzly while doing a goat survey and I was able to stab him with your knife holstered to my bino harness. "

-Jacey Bronson

"Got to use your knife and it performed amazing . . . I was never a sheath knife guy until this weekend, now I’ll never go back to a folding pocket knife. Your knife was much sharper and stronger when I needed to cut fish tails or fish heads off."

-Shay Hunt

"I wanted to give my son a meaningful gift and decided to have a knife made from the rack of a white tailed deer I had taken years ago. Jan was able to make 2 knives from the rack that are superb!! I am in awe of the beautiful craftsmanship and the quality. The blade is both beautiful and functional and the handle is something my son will be asked about around elk camps for many years to come. I have a grandson to be born in August and will save the second knife for him when he comes of age. These knives will be something that last for generations!"

-Gary Robbins


"We had a little calf branding/cutting tonight and Kwinn got to put his knife (Larkspur) to use.  It was so sharp and held an edge so well that everyone wanted to use it when it was their turn.  The knife held an edge for over 30 calves and its very hard to find a knife that will do that.  That style of knife is perfect for cowboys that still cut their calves instead of using bands. Our Broad Canyon Custom Knives will be used on so many applications and will be loved."

-Shay Hunt


"Halloween morning miracle!! Cade Bagged his first deer! He has been waiting for this moment for YEARS!! Thanks to Jan Vaterlaus at Broad Canyon Customs for supplying the best hunting knife Lance (dad) has ever used!"

-Emily Featherstone

"We're on our way back from shooting this elk tonight. We used your knife and it was super awesome and sharp. Dad forgot his backpack so this was the only knife we had and the headlamp you gave me for Christmas was our only light, it was perfect!

-Katelyn Cook


"I cleaned some teal this weekend with my little packer knife (Wind River Lite) and damn that thing is sharp!! It works awesome and feels great in the hand"

-Tyson Bauer


"Broad Canyon Customs made me the amazing wind river fly rod for our trip we took to the Wind River Range in Wyoming.  First off the rod is beautiful.  It is a 6 weight rock and is the kind of rod you could hang on the wall and everyone would comment on.  My favorite part is the stabilized hardwood real seat and the custom cork handle.  The thread work is perfect too.  As far as function, Jan put a fish sizing guide on the pole to make it easy to size up the 20” cutthroats that it easily hauls in .  The rod feeds out line really well too.  It is no big deal to fish a large lake and send the line out where I want it.  The great thing is that I can fish it on a small stream and make the fly land just where it needs to be.  I’ve had some good rods before, but not like this one.  It’s my favorite rod to fish with.  It’s amazing."

-Mike Cook

"My spin cast fishing rod is the best fishing rod I've ever owned, and I am the ultimate Fish getter.  Superb craftsmanship, great weight, and beautiful look. The kitchen knife set is excellent! Strong handles and a smooth surface make these knives comfortable and sleek. They look beautiful in my kitchen. I am so pleased with the look; I use them on a daily basis. The Little Boulder style pen has a comfortable shape and rich look. Appealing style and detailed craftsmanship. Love these pens!"

-Dakin Fish

"There are two parts of these knives that deserve individual reviews.  First off is the blade.  Top Notch!  The serrated knife blade literally cut clean through my flexible cutting board when I was using it to cut bread.  I would say I forgot what it was like using such a sharp knife, but truthfully I have never used such a high quality blade.  As far as the handle of the knife- incredible!  No two handles are alike.  They show like a piece of art.  The way the handles are created highlights the individuality of each piece of wood and shines as a custom piece.  These knives are a treasured addition to my kitchen and would be the same for anyone else."

-Mandie Cook

"I ordered  a Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO)  Professional Series II Fly Rod in a 5wt. This rod was constructed using high quality materials. The pole manages to be light weight and durable. The pole is easy to use and proves to be rather forgiving for beginners. It seems to be sensitive and allows anglers to take advantage of this feature as they’ll know when the fish bites. After talking with Broad Canyon Customs, they seemed positive that they could customize it to reflect my Navajo Roots. The rod turned out amazing; they dyed and stabilized the buckeye burl to look like a Southwestern Turquoise. The handle was made out of premium cork and it  turned out to be a gem. The cork was amazing and he added thread colors in the custom wraps that complimented the Navajo theme. Jan’s attention to detail was spot-on. He recommended using the Ross Reel but he removed the stock plastic reel handle and made a stabilized wood turquoise reel handle. The TFO rods are generally heavier than their weight designation, so Jan recommended up-lining to 6wt. The change made all the difference. I was able to throw the line as far as I needed but it laid that fly down ever so gently. Lastly, and the best part, I asked Jan if I could name my fly rod. Initially, I wanted to name my fly rod “Beef Chief” and Jan told me I needed to come up with something more substantial for such a rod. I finally decided to name my fly rod “Mighty Bear Likes To Eat Fish” in my Navajo language. The attention to detail that Jan was able to see and demonstrate was a amazing. When I took my fly rod to the nearest fly shop, I was receiving compliments from customers and the fly shop owners. If you are serious about getting into fly fishing or maybe you’re an experienced angler looking for a better rod that is customized, Jan’s fly rods are the perfect choice for your needs."

-Troy Watson

"Broad Canyon Customs products are amazing! My set of kitchen knives is absolutely beautiful and so unique. The craftsmanship is perfect. I chose the design for my handles and BCC delivered a set of knives that will forever be a treasure. These knives are perfectly weighted, and by far the sharpest knives I have ever used. I have to pick them up and admire them every time I walk into my kitchen! I also have a “Little Boulder” custom BCC pen and love it just as much as my knives! Thank you, Broad Canyon Customs, for adding classic beauty to our home through your work!"

-Holly Cook

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