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  • Jan Vaterlaus

Kilgore Muzzle Loader Elk Hunt 2019

I just returned home from the 2019 Kilgore Idaho elk and deer hunt. It was refreshing to once again walk the timbered slopes of Eastern Idaho full of anticipation and quiet intensity. However, the hunting gods are a fickle bunch and challenged us with some of the most difficult conditions we have ever seen. The early October snows had not melted away but had crusted over and made every step loud and tiresome. We logged many miles and did locate several elk and deer but could not get close enough for the limited shooting range of our muzzle loaders. The animals played a good game this year and beat our best efforts. Cousin Kevin was the only fortunate hunter in the group and harvested a very old cow elk but in his travels that day found another coil of abandoned logging cable. He went back and packed it out so we now have adequate stock for about fifteen Kilgore Cable Knives. Now that the season is over I can return to the shop and focus on creating some knives to offer for sale. My daughter Millie takes care of the website and has done a great job laying things out in an interesting and user friendly manor. I hope you enjoy what she has created. I wish you all a happy holiday season and a great new year.


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