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Kilgore Cable Collection

This collection of knives represents some of my best and most difficult work to date. The steel used in the blades began as old abandoned ¾” logging cable that was used back in the 1980’s. I have hunted the mountains of Kilgore Idaho since 1985 and stepped over this cable more times than I can count. When I started forging knives, I knew I had to harvest the cable and bring it back to life. My son, Talbot, and I hiked the three miles and cut about 40’ of cable into three- foot lengths. We loaded it in the backpacks and returned the three miles to the truck. It was covered in rust and showed signs of living in the wild but there was enough high carbon steel to work with.  At the forge it was heated, twisted, twisted, twisted, and hammered into a hard piece of steel. The only problem was that after the forge welding process the piece of steel was only about a half inch wide. I cut and stacked several pieces of the processed cable and forge welded them into a bigger piece of steel. I not only drew out the length necessary for a blade but drew out the width as well. From this point various blades could be forged into shape.

Each knife in this collection was made for a hunter that has been in my camp and named after an experience or a favorite place of that person in the Kilgore Mountains. I still have a little of the Kilgore cable left and I do know of another spot where I can harvest a little more but it is scarce. The same effects can be achieved by using other cable and I do have some of that available. All of these knives can be made from other Damascus steel or from solid 1095, 1084, W2, 80CRV2, or 5160 steel and a variety of reconstituted stone, accent metals, and wood. Each knife comes with a handmade sheath with belt loop.

The Adventure

You always remember your first hunting trip. You have no idea what to expect but are excited to have the adventure begin. The hiking, the glassing, the lunch on the trail, and the hopeful sighting of an elk or deer all create the lasting memory…The Adventure. The full tang 3¼” Kilgore cable blade is framed by highly figured Camelthorn wood handles with forest green and red G10 liners. The guard, pins, and lanyard tube are all yellow polished brass.

Starting price $200.00

The Packer

I made this one for my son Talbot.  He’s the mule that packed the Kilgore cable out of the mountains.  He is mountain tough and has hauled many elk, deer, moose, goat, and bear from the Idaho high country.  After High School he spent a season in Alaska packing food in and Dall sheep out of the outfitter camps in the Chugach Mountains. In four days he covered 74 miles with heavy pack 
This curved 3-5/8" blade is as tough as Talbot and sharpened to a razor edge.  The guard and accents are yellow brass supporting jasper and white spacers.  The Cocobolo handle completes the 9-1/4” overall length and has a belly and rear swell that fits nicely in the hand.

Starting price $300.00

The Stalker

The Stalker is an absolutely gorgeous combination of blade and handle. The arrogant 4” blade is anything but shy as it flaunts its beauty to any eyes that will look at it. A rich Jasper/gold web inlay is surrounded by thin accents of brass and Arizona Ironwood. The brass guard and pins complete this 8-5/8" wonder.

Starting price $300.00

The Dude

This blade is forged from Kilgore logging cable and has the long clip point design. The guard, accent spacers, and pommel are nickel silver and the colored spacers include Jade/black web and faux ivory. The handle is ebony. The deeply etched finish brings out the crazy webbed patterning and the spirit of the Kilgore high country. It is roughly 9” long and honed to a razor sharp edge.

Starting price $250.00

Amelia Elkheart

My daughter Millie is a natural in the high country. She is an effective hunter and an excellent shot. She has harvested more elk than my other kids combined (she also designed and babysits my website). This little drop point skinner is forged from logging cable and is super sharp. The full tang shoulders the nickel silver bolsters and pink ivory handles. Two nickel silver pins accent this beautiful knife. Overall length 6-3/4” Blade length 2-3/4” Blade width 1-1/8"

Starting price $200.00


The Pursuit

Hunting is all about the pursuit…relentless to exhaustion.  The “Pursuit” is a straight forward clip point blade hardened to perfection and honed to a razor edge.  The brass bolsters gleam like a smile from the hunting gods as they anchor the Cocobolo handles with ebony and bold brass accents. The 8-5/8” overall length makes it a workhorse in the field and the contoured handle fits nicely in the hand. Blade length 4" Blade width 1-1/8"

Starting price $250.00

The Long Trail

The blade has a flat grind that transitions into a convex bevel for razor sharp edge strength. It was etched several times to give it a deep, unique, contrasting pattern. The guard, spacers, and pin are brilliant polished yellow brass interrupted by decorative spacers of white/black web stone and ebony. A sculpted ebony handle extends the overall length to 8 1/2”. The 3 ½” blade is perfect for easy carry or use in the field.

Starting price $300.00

The Lucky Alex

My nephew Alex is the luckiest guy I know. The elk seem to just come to him. This clip point hunter has a 4-1/4” blade with a razor-sharp convex edge and filed thumb grip on the spine.  The guard is copper and the spacers are forest green G10 and copper. The Arizona Ironwood handle completes the 9-3/4” overall length. The robust blade is 1” wide.

Starting price $250.00


The Kay Creek Spear-Point Hunter

The “Kay Creek” is a knife for the smaller hand in the Kilgore Cable Collection. The 3-3/8” spear point hidden tang blade is razor sharp and up to any task. The deep etch reveals the brilliance of the Kilgore high country yet contrasts the dark secrets of the Kay Creek Gorge. The guard and accent pin are Nickel Silver and the throat ebony. The handle is a beautiful piece of cocobolo contoured to fit a smaller hand. The overall length is just over 7-5/8” but can tackle even the largest tasks. Blade width 1-1/4" 

Starting price $175.00


The Burn

A devastating forest fire tore through some of the best elk hunting habitat known to man several years ago leaving a scarred and ghostly landscape with a mix of downfall and the remnants that would soon become downfall.  The area is now in its rebirth mode and small pines are emerging and the elk are once again spending time in the new growth.  My son Tucker went on his first solo hunt and tracked the elk into the Burn and harvested his first elk.  The Kilgore cable blade is 3-1/2" long and a little wider than my normal blades at 1-1/8.  The straight grind bevels flow into a convex edge and honed to razor sharpness.  The acid etch reveals the darkness of the high carbon steel and the strength that lies beneath.  Ebony bolsters represent the darkness of the devastating fire while the brightness and varied pattern of the Leopardwood handle represents the rebirth, new growth, and the potential of the burn returning to its former glory. Overall length 8-1/2"  

Starting price $200.00


The Lumberjack 4"

Hand forged Kilgore Cable patterned after my Mountain Goat hunters.  It has a guard of nickel silver backed by a series of brass and nickel silver spacers.  Finally, a red G10 spacer transitions into a 7500 year old stabilized bog oak handle secured with a nickel silver pin.  It comes with a handmade custom tooled sheath with belt loop.


Starting price $300.00

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