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Hunting & Outdoor Knives

These hunting knives are built to live in the wild. They are tough, sharp blades ready to tackle any task. Each blade is hand forged, hand ground, and hand finished to offer beauty to that beast that lies within. The steels that are used are selected because of their toughness, strength, and hardness. The list is fairly short but includes 1095, 1084, 5160, 80crv2, and W2. These knives can also be upgraded to Damascus patterned steel. I make all of the Damascus steel in my shop. I use 1084 high carbon steel and 15N20 as they offer great performing steel with drastic contrast. Patterns include ladder, raindrop, twist, and random. The price of a Damascus blade is considerably more than a mono steel blade as it requires more time at the forge as well as the extreme waste (up to 60%) that occurs during the forge welding process. These blades are equal to mono steel blades in sharpness and strength but add a variation of beauty and artistry.  Each knife is heat treated according to the specs for the individual steel used. A variety of reconstituted stone, accent metals, and wood can be used. Each knife comes with a handmade sheath with belt loop.

Wind River Lite   3" Full Tang

Starting price $100

Larkspur    3 ½ " Full Tang

Starting price $125

Mountain Goat Hunter   4" Hidden Tang

Starting price $200

Elk Hunter   4" Full Tang

Starting price $200

Deer Hunter   5" Hidden Tang

Starting price $250